0830: Greetings and Workshop Opening – Seok-Won Lee

0840: Keynote – Lin Liu (Title: Security Requirements Engineering Revisited in the Big Data Era) – Session Chair: Seok-Won Lee : slides

1000: Break

1030: Session 1: Security Requirements for Guidelines and Policies – Session Chair: Kristian Beckers

  • A Framework for Generating User- and Domain-Tailored Security Policy Editors (Manuel Rudolph, Cornelius Moucha and Denis Feth. ): slides
  • Systematically Developing Prevention, Detection, and Response Patterns for Security Requirements (Maria Riaz, Sarah Elder and Laurie Williams): slides
  • Requirements Reconciliation for Scalable and Secure Microservice (De)composition (Mohsen Ahmadvand and Amjad Ibrahim): slides

1200: Lunch

1330: Session 2:  Tools and Technology based Security and Privacy Requirements – Session Chair: Seok-Won Lee

  • ArgueSecure: Out-of-the-Box Security Risk Assessment (Dan Ionita, Roeland Kegel, Roel Wieringa and Andrei Baltuta): slides
  • Security Guidelines: Requirements Engineering for Code Quality (Zeineb Zhioua, Yves Roudier, Stuart Short and Rabea Boulia Ameur): slides
  • Literature Survey on Technologies for Developing Privacy-aware Software (Atsuo Hazeyama, Hironori Washizaki, Nobukazu Yoshioka, Haruhiko Kaiya and Takao Okubo): slides

1500: Break

1530: Lightning Talks and Interactive Demo Session – Session Chair: Kristian Beckers


1645:Workshop Close – Kristian Beckers