Keynote Speaker

Lin Liu


Security Requirements Engineering Revisited in the Big Data Era

The world is witnessing an explosion of data and daily growing interest in conducting big data analytics for valuable business insights. However, without a proper security infrastructure in place, data owners and users are risking their information security and privacy running the analytics procedures. In this talk, I will revisit current security requirements engineering technology, discuss how they can help address some of the challenges in this setting, rethink the potential business models and strategies for open data repositories, and speculate on what requirements engineering techniques are needed in this age of rapid and disruptive changes?


Lin Liu is Associate Professor at the Tsinghua University, in the School of Software. Her research aims to advance the practice of information systems by incorporating intents and motivations of social actors into the analysis and design process. Social modelling concepts are needed for dealing with complex issues such as security, privacy, and trust, knowledge management, business process innovation and strategy, policy and compliance, etc. Dr. Liu received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics. Before joining Tsinghua University, she was postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Toronto. Professor Liu’s specialties are in information systems analysis and design, requirements engineering, software security modelling, data and knowledge management.